PRESENCE its a project that mixes physical theater and sound art through experimentation between body movement and interactive technology where the sound in relation to the body emerges as a central stimulus to artistic creation. 

The Primordial Absence is felt in the spine and then slides into the ground. 
Eden envisions itself in another dimension. Innocence here no longer exists, there is only the echo of it's idea from another time. 
The dilated pupil of the shape that apparently is not there, know's that silence is black. So we train ourselves the ascention with screams. "Release". Volume up. "1, 2, sound, sound ..." It takes amplification! Dreams are draged on the floor and reverberate in the cell membrane. Interference noise, "feedback"! Tuning ... the ritual of freedom! 
The synthetic sound is processed with solar storms, arrhythmias and complementary colors! We scrach up the chest to dig up the soul and venture 
into a stereo path . Walls fall down, we dance with exploding popcorns and here comes the "Deus Ex Machina".


Production: DEMO
Creation and Interpretation: Cheila Pereira, Cláudio Vidal, Gil MAC, Margarida Cabral e Paula Rita Lourenço
Musical composition and interactive media:  Tiago Ângelo
Lighting design: Nuno Patinho
Scenography: DEMO & Bruno Gonçalves
Costumes: Margarida Cabral
Suports: CITAC, Circolando, Universidade do Minho - Licenciatura de Teatro, Máfia - Federação Cultural, Tio Júlio, RUC e Ilídio Design