Production: DEMO
Staged by: Cláudio Vidal e Zékinha
Interpretation: Ana Luís Cardoso, Carolina Pereira, Catarina Castro, Cláudio Vidal, Elinete Megda, InÍs Martins, Joana Peixoto, Paula Rita LourenÁo, Pureza Silva, Zékinha, Lucy Moreira, Madalena Cruz, Mafalda Silva, Manuel Faria, Maria Fernandes, Maria João Costa, Maria João Leite, Maria Moulin, Milita Marinho, Miro Gorim, Raquel Martins, Silvia Almeida, Sofia Freitas
Music: Pedro Almiro
Musicians: João Grilo, Pedro Alves, Pedro Almiro
Texts: Collective creation
Costume design:  Vitor Alves da Silva, Milita Marinho
Costume making: Maria do Carmo Lourenço, Milita Marinho
Lighting Design: Paulo Neto
Supports: Guimarães Capital Europeia da Cultura 2012, Grupo Cultural e Recreativo Trovadores do Cano, Academia de Bailado de Guimarães, Associação de Pensionistas e Reformados de Guimarães, Camara Municipal de Guimarães, Grupo Folclórico da Casa do Povo de Fermentões, Quinta das Lameiras, Milita Marinho, Museu da Agricultura de Fermentões, Circulo de Arte e Recreio, Bel - Andante Grupo de Teatro, Herculano & Pimenta SA, José Lobo, Manuel Lobo
Thanks: Helena Sousa, Rui Donas, D. Fernanda Lobo, Sr. Júlio, D. Rosa, Os 20 Arautos de D. Afonso Henriques, Ana Maria Cardoso, Jerónimo Ferreira, Pedro Fernandes 
When the wrinkles open terraces on the face of the man, he opens his hands and finds memories in his chest. Then, the naked eye of the woman stretches it's arms and digs in the womb of earth, sows will, waters and weeds the desire of dream.

Children are often uprooted and then ripped, tight bunched and taken to the river, ther they stay submerged in water for six to eight days.

Music of time is sung with sweat and bare feet. The kiss once dry, stretches in the floor where it is beaten. Maceration comes afterwards with hugs and animal traction. We cry, we love, connections are created, lizards are offered and little female birds soar into the sky.

The umbilical cord is spin, lines that come from other stories are wrap-up and craftily History is weaved.