Co-Production: DEMO e CITAC
Collective creation and staging: Cheila Pereira, Cláudio Vidal, Gil Mac e Paula Rita Lourenço
Interpretation and text: Anabela Ribeiro, Cheila Pereira, Cláudio Vidal, Gil MAC, João da Silva Ferreira, Jucélio Carvalho, Patrícia Antunes e Paula Rita Lourenço
Music: Floating Machine
Lighting design: Nuno Patinho
Suported: RUC, MAFIA, TVAAC, TEUC, TAGV, SASUC, Camara Municipal de Coimbra
Funding: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

Spaces change. People become silent. Relationships are altered and nature cries out: "You are always on my mind." Stars collapse, eggs hatch and the larvae begin to feed themselves.
As time passes, the probability of enjoying a certain possibility decreases considerably. So let's celebrate beauty, the cliché, the sunset and chance, coincidences, incidents and rhythms in music and love.
Know the limits and test them. Resist and say: "enough is enough!". 
Here and now always changing. Enjoy the ride.