The pre-existing music invented the green, the flowers and the perfume. Now, that the animal's eyes see the light and drink water from parallel meanings, the metamorfose happens again. We go back to the womb and are reborn as dust clouds, hydrogen and plasma.

We all came from the same light. the three women were born after, carrying men in their womb. They had the affection on the palms of their hands and love was noticed in their eyes. Walked in spirals danced in circles, they had cycles and moons, bleeded and were mad.

With them came the wolves and other birds with cat eyes, horse legs. All spoke the same language. The stone had already started talking the History, History continued to speak in the tree, and talking, it repeated forever.

Co-production: DEMO (Dispositivo Experimental, Multidis-ciplinar e Orgânico), Governo de Portugal - Secretaria de Estado da Cultura/Direcção Geral das Artes e Programa Tempos Cruzados/Constelações - Capital Europeia da Cultura - Guimarães 2012
In partnership with:
Sociedade Martins Sarmento, Academia de Música e Bailado de Guimarães e Junta de Freguesia de Donim.
Collective creation and staging: Cheila Pereira, Cláudio Vidal, Margarida Cabral e Paula Rita Lourenço
Interpretation: Ana Luís Cardoso, Carolina Pereira, Catarina Castro, Catarina Silva, Cheila Pereira, Cláudio Vidal, Luísa Martins, Madalena Cruz, Mafalda Silva, Margarida Cabral, Maria João Costa, Maria João Leite, Paula Rita Lourenço, Sofia Freitas
Musical composition and interactive media:  João Menezes
Lighting design: Nuno Patinho
scenography: Bruno Gonçalves e Eduardo Conceição
Props: Margarida Cabral
Costumes: Margarida Cabral
Video e interactive media: Tiago Ângelo
Video: Flávio Cruz