Artistic and technical sheet
Theater, Performance
Creation, staging and interpretation: Cheila Pereira, Cláudio Vidal, Margarida Cabral e Paula Rita Lourenço
Sonoplastia e música original: Alberto Lopes, João Ricardo e  Tiago Ângelo
Costume Design: Margarida Cabral
Texts from:Almada de Negreiros, Álvaro de Campos, Camilo Pessanha, Fernando Pessoa, Mário de Sá-Carneiro e Armando Côrtes-Rodrigues
Co-production: Inestética - Companhia Teatral, C.A.R. - Círculo de Arte e Recreio, Centro Cultural Vila Flor e gnration
Support for artistic residency: Centro cultural Vila Flor
Production: DEMO 2016
Support: CITAC, TEUC, Nextprint, Whatever Trademark e TRIANGULO D'OIRADO

For the creation of the show we began a dialogue with the Nova Orquestra Futurista do Porto to establish a parallel-symbiotic-symbolic-modernist universe. We start from all the possibilities of indexes for the number of Orpheu that never got to be published. From the indexes and the announcements of supposed texts and authors to integrate, we chose some. The publication of this Orpheus 3, for us, was in the ethereal plane of the interrupted, the loop, and the aborted. It remained in the middle bodies, in the skin that is changed by the same tone.

ORPHEU 3 is the second show in the trilogy: Hydra & Orpheu (2015) and Portugal Futurista (2017).

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