"Russian Roulette" is an artistic and sociological experimental research project in which the russian roulette game is the conceptual basis for the theatrical methodology, questioning the nature of collective stage direction and creation. This mechanism has also a social application through the relationships established between the performer/individual and the intervention communities.

Production: DEMO
Collective creation: Cheila Pereira, Cláudio Vidal, Gil MAC, Margarida Cabral, Paula Rita Lourenço, Zékinha
Supported: Fundação GDA

Performance art project accomplished in artist residency at the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw in 2011.

How does an individual become famous and achieve notoriety in mainstream media and local society (through media representations, for instance)?
Anonymous vs. famous

How are the new emerging artistic movements, or underground movements, connected to the micro-communities that make and characterize the city?
Society vs. Micro-communities

Where is the intersection between the individual significant habitat and the public space? How do these spaces relate to and interact with each other?
Individual Place vs. Public Space

In the present state of the world we live in, what does it take to become news? How does the individual fit in and is included in the common sense produced by the media?
News vs. Not-news

How does the individual make friends, among different social groups and strata, by using means of personal interaction?
Streetbook vs Facebook

How does an individual come to be in a situation of social exclusion? Where can these be found? How can we create new ethical and aesthetic discourses and framings to resist exclusion, as possible ways of being and experiencing the world?
Exclusion vs. Inclusion