Andrés Bezares (b. 1976, Vitória, Spain) is a actor and teacher, with a degree from the International Theatre School Jacques Lecoq (Paris-France), since 2003. He worked in theater creations of the following companies: Immo (France), Théâtre Janvier (France), PuntoClown (Spain), Porpol (Spain). Recently worked with Teatro Paraíso (Spain) in collaboration with: Romagna Teatri de Italia, Théâtre de la Guimbarde (Belgium), Les Ateliers de la Colline (Belgium). As a teacher he worked in LIAM (Valencia, Spain), since 2004 teaches theater at the APR (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain) and he has taught workshops in "Toho Gakuen", "Kasai Minami", "Setagaya Public Theater", (Tokyo-Japan), CITAC (Coimbra, Portugal), ESMAE (OPorto-Portugal), ICBC (Tijuana-Mexico), Payasospital (Valencia, Spain). He was one of the founding member’s of Kolectivo Monstrenko, in 2009.