António Lourenço (b. 1978, Coimbra, Portugal): Since very young he felt in love by music. Interested by playing many instruments like guitar, piano or saxophone and being part of some experimental projects in distinct areas like jazz, hip-hop or punk rock.

Later, influenced by the electronic music magic, he began his Dj activity. Exploring all musical diversity in electronic, from relaxing to dance sonorities like acid jazz, nu-jazz, dub, break-beat, deep house, and others.

The beginning of electronic production start later, in 2010, using all is music influences in a techno and progressive grooves. Also exploring the landscapes of ambient experimental sounds, minimal e techno. Already with two edited eps by the labels 24hours and Micro Digital. Performed in some festivals like Boom Festival, Sudoeste TMN, among others. António Lourenço also participate with bands Urbanvibzs (reggae) and Cooltour (electronic/dub), playing sax.