Eduardo da Conceição (b. 1983, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, but grew in Portugal) is an architect and artist based in Berlin. He studied in three different Schools, (EUAC, Coimbra, Portugal dARQ, Coimbra, Portugal and RWTH Aachen, Germany). In the last years he has been developing work in the fields of temporary architecture, exhibition design, installation, illustration and scenography. He was co-founder member of the art group Salão 40, Cultural Junkie Agents, Labmovimente and of the figure drawing group Oficina de Desenho and Glogauakt in Berlin that is still running.

In this path, he has been working with multidisciplinary teams, such as the architecture colective Raumlabor (Berlin, Germany), and EXYZT (Paris, France) where he finds the best work environment that allows him to combine and enhance this different skills and interests when collaborating with others.